Hey Everyone!

We have identified a few items we would like to bring to your attention to make sure your events go smoothly.  There are a couple of app updates we want to make you aware of before your next event.


Be sure to update all of your iPads to the latest iOS (14) and be sure to have FileMaker Go 19 installed on all of your iPads.  This version works the best with TourPro 5 that you have installed on your systems.

mimoLive Update

In testing we have discovered some installations of MIMO have been freezing on startup.  It looks like it’s something on MIMOs end but is a quick fix.  MIMO released version 5.10 and you can update it one of two ways:

Managed Software Center

From Managed Software Center in your Applications in your Mac ->  Open it and click “Updates” in the tool bar, then click the Plus button next to mimoLive 5.10.0 and then click Update after it refreshes.


To manually download and install mimoLive 5.10 go here: mimoLive 5.10 then click “Download mimoLive” and then Accept & Download at the bottom of the agreement. MIMO will be saved to your downloads folder, decompress it if you need to and then drag and drop it to your Macs Applications folder.  When prompted to ovewrite, say yes.  Then Launch MIMO and confirm the latest version is shown here:



Updating Focusrite Scarlett Firmware


Scarlett 18i8 | Focusrite

We have seen some Focusrite audio interfaces freeze during use.  This is related to an older firmware that may be on the device itself.  To fix this download and install the latest Focusrite software here: Latest Focusrite Driver for Mac

Once installed go to your Applications folder and find “Focusrite Control” and open it with your interface plugged in and powered on.  If your device needs an update, it will prompt at that moment to update the firmware otherwise you will see the regular Focusrite Control screen below.  If it does not, then your device is already up to date.

If you have any questions or issues please contact Chad at [email protected]