We came to be in a rather unique way. TourPro was originally developed by Chris Rogers the founder of the Los Angeles based computer consulting company, Maxtreme Inc. What makes us unique is that Chris actually started dancing at the age of 4, had an agent by 10, auditioned and worked on national and world tours before he could legally sign documents.

Fast forward a couple of years and while teaching on convention he noticed an abundance of paperwork that was being used. This made no sense and that Friday night, in the back of the Mobile Convention Center, overlooking the Mobile Bay, TourPro was born.

Originally started as a simple data management tool, it grew and grew month by month. You could say we tugged on a thread and the sweater began to unravel. Eight years later and a new partnership with Harlow Technologies, TourPro has blossomed into the premier event management tool in use by many leaders in the dance convention and competition industry. It wasn’t easy but we are glad with where we are and where we are going and would love to have you join us.

We believe its important for the software to get out of the way and simply be a tool to help you get your work done.  You shouldn’t have to work in the software.  It’s our goal to provide you with a trusted partner and confidant.  It’s our goal to help you drop the busy work and focus on your events, your environment and the most important part… the kids.