Version 5 Rocks!  And we have a few more updates to make it even better.  These features are now available – if you have any questions please let us know!

Covid-19 Features

  • Let the Studio identify their preferred performance order!  Rather than getting spreadsheets from the Studio and hand manipulating on the back-end, simply have them number their own routines!  Once you are ready to generate the performance order, turn off this feature, and use the new sorting options (by Studio/ Requested Order) to finish your Performance Order in a few clicks.  (Season Control / Edit Button (in the popover: “Allow Studio to Enter their Own Performance Order” or while editing the Event in Additional Controls)
  • WebJudge – Added new web viewer for better performance
  • Live!  – if you are running virtual events, this new capability allows you to register your kids for virtual attendance and allow them to attend via livestream.  The system prevents more than one user from using the same keyword.
  • Added People count in Session scheduling so you can see both the number of routines, and number of unique individuals in that session to help with capacity/dressing room planning.

Web Registrations

  • Invoices!  You can send a copy of an Invoice with the Email the Studio receives when closing the registration or on demand.  Choose from a simple summary or summary plus attendees, routines, add-ons and transactions.
  • A registration can now be kept open after it has been paid.  This would allow the studio to go back and make changes without asking you to re-open it.  When you are ready, then you can turn off that feature, and close all the open registrations.  (Season Control / Edit Button (in the popover: “Keep Registrations Open during payment” or while editing the Event in Additional Controls).
  • When a new Studio account is added, or when the Studio is approved, you can assign an email letter template to be automatically be sent.  They will receive an additional customized email as you define in your letter templates. (Preferences / Registration / Scheduling / Studio Email messages button)
  • Additional checking when a registration is closed from anywhere in the system to make sure that it checks the rules and other important items.
  • Entrance / Exit notes and Special Division / Level can now be identified as mandatory fields when adding multiple routines.
  • Added filtering onto Start a Registration to prevent past Events from appearing.
  • Added a double-check during checkout to make sure the number of routines does not exceed the number of reserved routines.
  • Added secondary address with the ability to select which one is the primary address.
  • A Registration’s Routine tab now changes Blue IF a registrations routines all have music uploaded and (if you’re using it) the number of routines match the number of routine requests.  This is purely a visual feature to help let you know if all the music is ready to be downloaded or not when managing registrations.


  • Fixed sort by Studio with Reduce Conflicts selected.
  • Added sorts to allow for Studio / Requested Order, Requested Order / Studio.
  • Revamped Session / Block interface and added new drop-down filtering for blocks to more quickly find what you are looking for!

TourPro Interface

  • Registration Summary Tab has been cleaned up to make it easier to read and pop-overs more obvious.
  • Fixed Add Teacher and Add Observer.
  • Added cloning of Pricing Tiers.
  • Optimized numerous screens to clean up appearance and make buttons more pronounced to put more information at your fingertips.


  • New waiver report (Event Manager / Registration Check-In / Waiver Report ).
  • New Waiver count Detail and Highlighting if all Waivers are not complete.

Media Assistant

  • The new Version of the Media Assistant combines both the Zenfolio Assistant with the ability to have a “stand-alone” copy of TourPro Media functions for video – this frees up one of the hosted users so you can add another iPad for backstage, or a show status monitor!
  • Media Assistant doesn’t need to synchronize like TourPro so updating for an event takes 15-30 seconds per event.  For all those who setup and sync last minute, you just got your minute back!
  • Added Age / Level / Group Size / Style to routine list.

TourPro Mobile App

  • The TourPro app can now show only the Studio Letter code rather than the Studio Name
  • Updated app updating pages on server for faster more reliable performance.

Room Capacity Management

  • Removed ability to add a “sold out” attendee to a routine
  • Corrected possibility of premature “selling out”
  • Setting “Allow Current Registrations to Check Out” should be selected  to allow a registration on the Web Portal to check out with the Attendees/Levels that they have already selected before the event was sold out.   (Season Control / Edit the Event / Additional Controls/ General Tab)
  • Ability to copy Limits from another event (Season Control / Edit the Event / Additional Controls/ Attendee Subtype Limits / Copy limits from: dropdown / button)


  • Scholarships can now be managed through Event Manager / Awards and Scholarships.
    • Entering a scholarship here can be presented to the studio for the individual in a tailored list of scholarships
    • They can be set to expire, and can be set for one, two or any number of uses
    • The history of the usage of the scholarship is maintained
    • In Preferences / Judging & Awards / Awards, Markings and Scholarships – the “default” expiration date and number of uses can be assigned to pre-populate the awarded scholarship.
  • When enforcing scholarships (Preferences / Behavior / Registration / Scheduling / Do you want to enforce Scholarships?) by the previous method, or by the new Awards method, the Scholarship button will only appear on the web if the attendee has unused scholarships, or, for any “open” scholarships.
  • New “Open” scholarships have been added to the Event (Season Control / Edit Event / Scholarships / Open checkbox) so that any attendee can select the open scholarship.
  • Changed all scholarship numbering to black, with the ability to color code by Attendee types (Preferences / Convention / Color drop down on the right)
  • New Reports: Scholarship List by Age Category and Simple Scholarship List in Attendee Lookup.
  • Fixed “?” in Make Multiple Copies of Scholarships
  • Added more rigorous checking for duplicates / highlighting for duplicate numbers; updating numbering to disallow duplicate numbers.


  • New Ability to Filter Nominations for an event by Nomination and Session, and ability to assign awards directly from the Nominations area.


  • On-the-Fly report can now hide scores if you want to use that to post results.
  • Time added as new option to Backstage report
  • New reports in Event Manager / Attendee Lookup
    • “Audition List Simple”
    • Big 2X2 Lower includes Name and Logo
  • Competition Routine Summary now does it’s last sort by performance order.
  • Added “Label – Routine Pin and Score” report to Final Score Summaries.
  • New Labels 5160 in the Show Order Reports.
  • New Export Studio Info button in Account Viewer / Reports to export all your relevant studio info / emails for the found set or all studios.
  • In Reg Dashboard, added Studio Name sort when going to Routine Request Report
  • Added Routine Group Sizes by Studio in Show Order Reports
  • Registrations by Event / Communications Tab:
    • Fixed spacing issues with the Summary Label 5163
    • Updates to the Envelop / Labels 5164


  • Fixed Missing Music filter in the TourPro App
  • Checking for Support files when starting TourPro and auto installing (Requires internet connection)

International Support

  • Web Portal can now use alternative date formats (dd/mm/yy)
  • Added GST Tax support