Hey Everyone!

Congratulations on getting through a challenging Regional and Nationals season and good luck to those who are jumping into their final Nationals and events.   We are, as always, here to help you as you need but have a revision of our support processes.  We have been actively updating our support systems to help turn around support questions, tickets and issues for you to have a faster and easer overall experience each and every year.  To help us we ask that you and your team members use the following support methods moving forward in order to expedite your needs.


As we go into the next season we have a few new updates to share with you.  Please take the time to read these over


New Phone Who Dis?

We ask that any calls for support go through our overall support line – 888-444-1975.  This support line goes to our whole team instead of individuals in the team and allows us to organize all of the requests and get you responses more quickly.

Free the Chat!

We love the speed of texting and are doing everything we can to improve communication and response time via Text Chat!  We have added a new real-time (free of course) chat system you can use with us via our new chat portal which is available for you at https://www.tourprosoftware.com (and will directly in the lower right hand corner of our site and will be available in the TourPro app starting in August under Help/Info on the main menu.

This service will be available as our default method of communication with you moving forward.  These will be prioritized over text messages to individual TourPro team members to make sure your questions/issues get resolved quickly please use this method to chat with us!

Chat Support Icon





Chat Window











On the TourPro Main Menu under Help/Info are also quick email templates for General Questions, Support, Feature Requests and Bug Reports













Chat and phone support will be available from 9a – 5pm PST durning normal business days.  You can use the chat system to leave a message or create a ticket after hours as well.  Support questions or issues after hours will be answered the next business day or as soon as possible.  Support questions that need immediate response, but are not of an emergency nature after hours are subject to emergency fee rates.

Development Schedule Overview

We have been actively updating and improving TourPro with over 200 new features and fixes since last September.  As a reminder we have a yearly two release cycle.


January to July (Summer Major Release) 
We take this time to build out new features and fixes for release in August/September in time for your registration. No major upgrades will be pushed to you during this window, only specific fixes upon request or as needed.   We ask that you submit any feature requests in no later than April/May in order to be considered for the release in August/September.  The later Feature Requests are sent during this time, the less likely they are to be included in the Winter release.  We strive to build it right the first time, and the more time we have the more reliable we can make new features out of the gate.


Aug/Sept to December (Winter Minor Release) 
You will be pushed the Summer release at this time to get all of the new features that have been worked on during the Summer Release.  Minor fixes may be pushed to you during this time as we work out any kinks that may exist in the Summer release.  This release is intended to be a minor update and you will receive a final update in December for use for the season starting in January in which we repeat this cycle.


New Season Processes and Rule Changes

As we know the world constantly changes and we change with it, we ask that if there are any significant changes to your rules, scoring, judging etc… that you reach out to us proactively and include us in some of these thoughts.  While we are always thinking a few steps ahead, to know where you are looking to make changes gives us a head start on making sure the system has the ability or capacity or that it may have it already and can help improve on what you are considering doing.  The sooner we know about unique things you are planning, the more reliable we can make those workflows for you during the season.


We want to thank you for all of the amazing feedback this past season(s) and we have never been more proud of TourPro than we are now.  Major improvements to the site, add-on tools, media management and infrastructure we feel has made TourPro the best in the industry, and we have you to thank.


Enjoy your Summer and we look forward to the seasons to come!

As always – you can email us at [email protected] if you need anything!

-Team TourPro