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You don’t have to pick just two anymore. FAST, POWERFUL and EASY and written with the dancer in mind, because our owner is one!

Meet TourPro, the most powerful and easy to use dance competition and convention software on the market.  Written by a dancer for dancers, we make the most user friendly software designed to seamlessly run your competition, convention or workshop.  Whether you’re running 4 or 40 events TourPro puts all the power at you and your staffs finger tips allow you to spend less time working in your business and more time on it.

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What you see here are not stock photos, but real TourPro users and the real TourPro system in use

Powerful CMS and ERP Platform

TourPro offers a second to none event management platform that goes years beyond your typical registration platform. Manage events, customers, communications, mobile apps and more  all from one app interface.  Tasks that normally take hours to don are now down in seconds or automagically.

Elegant and Powerful Client Registration Portal

Often imitated, never duplicated.  The TourPro Client Registration Portal has served over a million attendees as the elegant way for your attendees to sign up for you events.  With the power to dynamically adjust based on your events needs we know exactly what to ask your users, no more no less.

Unmatched Multimedia Control

Take control of your media with TourPro’s powerful audio and video software to take your critiques and HD videos to the next level.  Stamp your brand on your content and really show the world what you have to offer.

Apps for Everyone

Only TourPro offers 4.5+ Star Apps for the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.  Update your own app in under 15 seconds providing event, competition, class schedules and more.  Our apps put your brand first, never crash and are loved by users.  Don’t believe us, look for yourself!

Everything you want, and then some!

Since 2006 TourPro has added feature after feature due to our onsite experience and the numerous feature request of our customers and friends.  Everything you and your customers wished you had, is only one button away.

Build on our experience.

TourPro was designed and refined over the last 15 years to provide you a flexible registration platform that your customers and employees will love to use. A fast customer portal allows your studios to register quickly and easily and with over +200 reports you get to see how your events grow in real time! Build your competition order in a few clicks, TourPro will balance out your competition in categories you define and work out the scheduling conflicts automatically.

Our goal has always been to make the best platform possible that saves and even makes you money. With TourPro 4 we have done just that. Faster access to your data, more advanced reporting and no complex server setups required. On top of that there are no per routine or attendee charges. There are no add-ons, up-charges or hidden fees. Just one flat rate that includes your software, website, support and MORE!

Go Beyond Registration

TourPro is the only option for those wanting complete control of their brand.  TourPro provides industry leading broadcast software and workflows as part of the TourPro Suite.  

Whether you’re shooting standard definition or 4k, we have you covered.  Provide on the fly branding and ensure the end product to your customers reflects the best you have to offer.

Save time and money by putting TourPro to work for you!

Best In Class Judging and Reporting

Competition days are the longest no doubt, so it’s important their experience is fast, seamless and crash free.  TourPro offers Mac, PC and iPad clients with quick entry and validation so the judges can focus less on the technology and more on the competition.

For the past two years, we used another well known registration system. While using this system, we found ourselves working around the clock to keep up with the demand of changes and organization our event requires. Within the first event of using TourPro, my business partner and myself were able to step away from the competition portion of the event for the first time. It seemed as if the event were running itself, and it did so successfully. TourPro has made our product more streamlined and efficient, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our company.

Eve Mason, Velocity Dance Conventions

I was a huge fan as a studio owner.  As a business owner and user as a customer for Art of Movement, it has been awesome.  It’s got everything from the back end of the competition generating which made our lives incredibly easy and smooth, to being able to pad a certain amount of numbers, to being able to control and contain the client side of things and quickly see where they’re at and what they’ve added and what they haven’t.

Robert Lee, Art of Movement

TourPro has made the Judges job so easy, for a couple of reasons.   you can really concentrate on the dancers.  You can concentrate on all the pieces of choreography that’s going up on stage and not worry about being distracted by other things.  With a simple few keystrokes putting in the scores and arrow forward to the next number makes it so much easier.  Also you can hear the other judges so that we are all working to the same source.

Darryl Retter, Retters Academy of Dance, DanceMakers Inc and DanceMasters of America

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