Version 2024 (not 8..)


Internal Use Only –
This is considered confidential and proprietary and is only intended for use by TourPro customers. Sharing outside of your organization is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of your agreement.

Happy Registration Season TourPro Land!

We are excited to kick off this new season by jumping ahead not to 8… but all the way to 2024. The new naming should help to ensure that all your users are in the current version for the active season and it also represents a major jump in the platform.   With TourPro 2024 you will see a massive increase in overall performance and usability.

We have begun rolling out the 2024 updates but please know there are likely two more updates that are on their way. Each of these updates will add to improved speed of the system both on your computers and on the web.  While we tend to add a lot and improve the platform every year, this version has allowed us the opportunity to improve core components of the system to bring dramatic improvements in speed and reliability as we work to extend our capabilities for every one of your situations.

  • Data Center Upgrades are already helping everyone with improved speed on the registration portals.
  • Users of TourPro 2024 will notice a massive performance boost to the web-based version – to see for yourself go to your registration site: and login using your username and password. (replace mysite with your company in the example).
  • TourPro 2024 will also help with Syncing speeds. As of this publishing, we’ve been able to improve syncing speeds between 68% and 86% depending if you are downloading changes from the server, or pushing your changes to the server.
  • We expect to further improve syncing and app performance in the near future on top of what TourPro 2024 provides over TourPro 7. We’ll be updating your FileMaker application and TourPro as soon as the update is available. We can’t wait to get this to you.

This 2024 update includes all changes since the last Major update to Version 7. We are still working on a few promised updates that will make their way into the final Winter release for the season in addition to the performance improvements described above. Please remember that while some changes can be made quickly, many changes require more time and must be prioritized and scheduled across all requests. Remember to get your requests in as early as possible! Submit a ticket to [email protected] when inspiration finds you.

This guide is meant as a summary of new features and updates. Please submit a request through the TourPro app to set up a time where we can review any features in greater detail with you.

Development Schedule and Policy

Please take a moment to review the TourPro Policy located below and at the bottom-right of the Main TourPro screen. As discussed in the Policy, this calendar describes our development cycle. Our goal is to do a final update prior to the season to avoid updates during the season and provide the most stable and error-free platform possible.

Major Highlights

  • Significantly Faster Web Version and Registration Website Performance
  • Massive Improvement in Sync Speeds
  • New Media Website
  • ACH Added for Stripe Users
  • Automated Backups of Performance Order
  • New coupon conditions
  • Streamlined Backstage iPad for better performance and usability
  • Continued Fine-tuning across the board to improve your experience

Registration Website

Media Manager

Added ability to upload .mov, .m4v and .hvec for video

Added the attendee’s birthdate to the Registration Detail on Closed Registrations so they can see what they entered for when they are filling in the waiver.

Enforced Deposit Fees – Grace Number of Routines When a Studio makes a deposit based on the number of routines, but ends up bringing less, you can apply a penalty for not bringing the number of routines they said they would.

A new “Grace Quantity Allowed” has been added so that the penalty will not be applied if the difference between the requested amount and final number of routines they are bringing is less than that amount.

Attendee Add-On Updates

  1. If there is only one add-on, the website will display the name of the add-on as the name of the Column so they can quickly select that item instead of using the button.
  2. You can name the button in preferences – go to Preferences -> Behavior -> General
  1. You can rename the button / column on a per-Event basis. Season Control->Edit the Event-> Add-Ons -> Attendee Addons -> “Website Name Event Override” at the bottom of the screen
  1. You can make Add-ons only available for those that have a scholarship. Season Control->Edit the Event-> Add-Ons -> Attendee Addons -> “Addons Require Scholarship for this Event” at the bottom of the screen. Once the Scholarship added the Add-on button becomes available.
  1. You can indicate that an Add-on will provide a discount on a Routine and if it requires a Solo to get the discount. Season Control->Edit the Event-> Add-Ons -> Attendee Addons -> ellipses button (…).

Use these features independently or together to create unique programs for your events.






Season Overview

Added a new percentage view of Registered vs Event Routine capacity allowed with color coding based on reserved versus actual registered routines to display how full each city is.

Home Page-> Season Overview Button-Season View

Added totals for event discount.

Home Page-> Season Overview Button-Detail -> Discount Details Tab

Improved Viewing of Attendee Quantity Graphs

Importing Enhancements

We’ve added support for up to 7 levels of attendees, in addition to Special Needs and Virtual types. We configure these for you to provide the best matching between systems as is possible.

Over-request / over-capacity messages: When a studio imports their registration from another competition/convention, and the registration is either more than they reserved or is more than the remaining capacity of the event, both you and the studio will receive a warning email describing the overage. In addition, the error is identified on the Studios registration. Please remember that during checkout it will NOT allow them to continue in this circumstance, but on the back end the event may appear to be oversold. Once they delete their routines there will not be a problem. Before manually closing registrations make sure to look for overages

Example message you may receive:

Registration IMPORTED WITH CAPACITY ALERT For I Love 2 Dance

Tour Pro Action: Studio Imported Registration from partner Dance Fever

I Love 2 Dance has imported a registration from another competition for I Love 2 Dance at Las Vegas 2024.

A warning message was provided to them: You have entered 20 total routine(s) but there are 10 allowed and 5 solo(s) but there are 3 allowed based on the number of attendees you are bringing. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Strict Reservation Enforcement

A new option allows you to enforce the amount reserved in solo and group categories.

Previously the system would treat all routines as equal (Solo, Duo/Trio, and Groups) so that during checkout it would only compare the total routines reserved against the total routines registered. You can turn on this preference for the system overall, or just by event to limit them by size. For example, if they requested 5 solos, 2 duo/trios, and 3 groups (10 total routines), but registered 10 solos – the system will prevent that. They will receive a message on the website communicating what they reserved and what they have registered.

If you are allowing routine reservations based on the number of attendees, this preference is required to keep the studio within their requested amount.

For the entire system

Preferences -> Behavior -> Registration

For a specific event

Season Control -> Current Season -> Edit Event -> Edit Event Details -> Deposit Settings

50% Rule Preference

A standard way of doing a 50% rule has been added and can be enabled by a preference. This method ensures that a routine must have more than 50% different dancers for the same level, size, subject and age. When a routine violates that rule a message is displayed on the offending routine and they may not finalize the registration.

Preferences -> Behavior -> Routine Rules

When a Registration is Moved or Duplicated

  • For events that are using reservations, when you move or duplicate a registration to that event, it will now bring you to the Agreements and Reservations screen for the new registration so you can quickly enter the required information.
  • it will add ask if you want to automatically add, clear, or keep the Attendee Add-ons.

Easily Make an Event Private Without A Password

You can “hide” an event from the available events entirely by selecting the “Make Event Private (Hidden)” checkbox in Season Control-> Edit Current Season -> Click to Edit the Event -> the First Popover. You will manually add your studios to that event with the TourPro App. Once you sync, they will see the registration in their Open Registrations.

Alternatively, you can add a password to an Event where they can register if they know the password. To do that, click Edit one more time – in Additional Controls -> Web Controls you will find the Password Protect the Event setting.

Added Registration Addon 5160 Label option to Registrations > Summary > Add-ons & Adjustments
as well as Event Check-In under Add-Ons at the bottom

Added Sort Options to Reg List view to sort by Studio Name or Event Start Date

Registrations by Event, or, when viewing a registration by Studio, click the Reg List tab to see the list of registrations.

Account Types that you allow to create accounts can be changed in Preferences, however, this will not disable existing accounts that are no longer allowed. This only changes the New Account Form where a user selects the type of account that they are.

Preferences -> Behavior -> General

Registration / Financial

Limit Routine Fees by Account Type

For each size routine you can specify which account types that combination of size and price are available. This allows you to have different prices for the same size – for example – Independents pay x for a solo, while Studios pay z.

Preferences -> Pricing -> Routine Fees – Select the Tier – For each Group Size, click the Time & Rules column. Select which account type has access to that Size / Price. Make multiple group sizes and apply one account type to each. For example, Solo size, Independent Account Type Limiter. Solo size, Studio Account Type Limiter.

ACH Processing Added for Stripe Users

If you are a Stripe User for Credit Card processing, we can now enable ACH payments.

During payment, the user selects ACH as the payment method.

Instead of going to the Credit Card screen, they will be asked to enter their US bank account information. The Stripe Interface allows them to enter their bank information or select an existing account. Once connected they click to Pay.

ACH can take several days to reconcile the payment – during that time, TourPro assumes the payment is valid. When the final payment is processed, TourPro will finalize the ACH Status. If the status is not approved / successful, it will leave the payment but indicate that it was not approved.

The payment appears in the Summary Tab. The status will say Processing until it has been reconciled. You can check the status at any time by clicking the status (i.e. Processing) in the Summary area. The system will check the status of all outstanding ACH payments daily.

The ACH transaction type has been added to Back Office -> Transaction Reports and the Registration Dashboard (Event Manager -> Registration Dashboard) when clicking in the (i) icon in the Paid column.

Please contact us if you would like to use ACH. Please note there is a .5% platform fee for this option. However, this is still much less than typical credit card fees.

During Checkout

Status Review Flag for Each Registration will let you denote if you have review the registration for errors. If a registration has an error, it will still prevent the user from checking out and will require the registration be closed by you. The Studio can pay for the registration by using the Make a Payment link in the registration site header.

Accepting Payments for registrations in progress can be done with a new preference: “Allow Additional Payments if Event is upcoming and Reg is Open”

Preferences –> Behavior -> Registration


Added Import Notes and Moved Automatic Internal Registration Notes to a new tab. The “History” tab will include the history of opening and closing registrations, importing history with results and other functions.

Registration / Attendees

Added Manual Fee Override and Subtype Selection for Attendees

In the Registration, click on the Attendees Name – click the ellipses (…) next to the Subtype and you can select anything you want!

This will let you also select a type outside of the current category, for example, teacher types for students.

Registration / Routines

Ability to Add Multiple Routines Quickly

From the Routines tab, you can select to add Multi Routines. The system will ask how many placeholders you want to create so you can more quickly add “placeholder” routies.

The Routine tab in a registration will turn blue once music has been uploaded for every routine

Routine Error Updates

  • Combined the messages underneath the Routine Errors tab.
  • Added an “Override Routine Errors” checkbox to permanently allow the routine to skip without error.

Note –

There are 2 kinds of routine errors.

Some errors are displayed immediately, for example, if the Size category needs to be selected, or the Style is missing – the top section displays those immediate errors.

The Routine Makeup Errors are only evaluated during checkout. A Routine Error may become a Routine Makeup Error, but there are other situations that may cause a Routine Makeup Error that can only be checked when the registration is complete.

“Scratch” has been added while editing a routine. If you know about
the scratch prior to the event you can mark it here.


General Competition

Routine Leveling Changes

  • Added support for Special Needs
    • With Auto-Leveling, Special Needs will be treated as a level lower than 1.
  • Added “Must Compete in Level”
    • With Auto-Leveling If you want Special Needs or other level to be required to only compete with others of the same level, checkmark this setting.
  • Supports 7 Levels of Attendee Types plus Special Needs and Virtual for both importing and auto-leveling.
  • Added new automatic leveling option to specify a percentage using the Average method.
  • Automatic leveling now supports different kinds of attendees at different events. For each attendee type, click the “Evaluates To…” and select the specialized division or point scale that person would be assigned if performing a solo.
  • Leveling Options (on the Convention tab or Preferences -> Behavior -> Routine Rules) let you specify which leveling method to use during importing from partners (Specialized Division or Point Scales) and method for assigning the Level –Specialized Division or Point Scale, and Point, Average % or Formula
  • Points – using the points in the level drop down menu – it calculates the number of dancers in that level. The level with the most points wins.
    • 2 Dancers * Level 1 (Beginner) = 2 points
    • 1 Dancer * Level 2 (Intermediate) = 2 points
    • Evaluates to Level 2 Intermediate because it goes to the highest in case of tie
  • Average %
    • Once the specified percentage is obtained by adding the dancers from the higher levels first, then that is the level.
    • 4 Dancers in Level 3 (Advanced),
    • 3 Dancers in Level 2 (Intermediate)
    • 5 Dancers in Level 1 (Beginner)
    • 4 Advanced + 3 Intermediate is ≥ 49% so this would resolve to level 2 (Intermediate).
  • Average Formula
    • Similar to Average % – the difference is if the routine has all three levels (in a three-level system) a mathematical formula is used to determine the result.

Please contact us for help with setting up or changing your leveling.

Automatic Adjudication Only and Extended Scoring

Point Scales can now be configured for Adjudication Only.

Point Scales, Specialized Division and Group Sizes can be configured to automatically enable extended scoring.

Preferences -> Competition, Preferences -> Judging & Awards

Tiebreaking Options

Previously tie breaking of a routine was accomplished by using the Tie Priority in preferences to weigh a Judging Category more heavily. If the total score is the same between routines, it will evaluate which routine has the combined total of the category marked the highest, next highest, and so on to determine the winner.

A new option has been added to exclude one or more judges from tie-breaking. For example, if you want a “lead judge” to be the tie-breaker you could exclude the other 2 judges from the Tie-Breaker.


Schedule Backup / Restore Features

AutoBackup – The system will now automatically make a backup of your performance order whenever you go in to edit the order. You can also click the Backup Now button to do a quick backup before you do anything such as Reorder & Number that may need to be undone.

The Backup History is available with the date and time of the backup, and which computer created the backup.

You can rename the Backup to help identify which backup is which!

Click the View Magnifying Glass to see a quick preview of the performance order that was saved in that backup.

Click the arrow to restore a backup…

There’s also a locking and unlocking History.

Remember – you can also lock the performance order to prevent inadvertent changes from the Performance Order Editor on the top-right side of the screen.

New Sorts Added:

  • Specialized Division (level), Group Size, Subject, Age Division
  • Age Division, Average Age

Adjusted Competition Mini View

  • Shows the color of the Age Division when that is configured in Preferences -> Competition
  • Adjusted display of the routine information

Added Coloration to the Actual vs Estimate schedule button in Block Scheduling Manager to make it obvious when you’ve switched modes.

Actual mode is the start time and dates used when you reflow the times.

Estimate mode allows you to shuffle things around so you can see when things would end by placing “Anchor” times. Estimate mode requires that you Set the Actual Schedule from Estimate to make that timing permanent.

If you are using a server in your office, the speed of
Block creation has been improved by moving the task of creating the blocks to the server. You should not notice any difference other than the speed.

Competition / Competition Monitor

Miscellaneous Additions

  • Added ability for Tabulator to delete nominations.
  • Fixed adding a Judge Note and added Delete button to Judge Notes in Judge Monitor.
  • Added Props information next to the On Deck / Tracker Next button.
  • Added Student Choreography checkbox in the Edit Routine Details popover.

Added Print Individual Dymo Label under Edit Routine Details to print a label with adjudication.
Automatic Updating of Scores When Locking/Unlocking to reduce the need for manual refreshing.

When you click to lock or unlock the scoring, the system will perform the same function as when you click the “Refresh” button on the bottom right and should reduce your need to do so.

Added Routine-specific manual drop of high/low scores to help fine-tune an individual routine.

Click Edit Routine Details inside the Competition Monitor and locate the Ignore High/Low Setting area and Routine Specific High Low number.

Note – the “Remove Judge Scores” must be activated for that Event

Season Control -> Edit Current Season -> Edit Event -> Event Limits and Judging.

Competition / Reporting

New Reports have been added:

Show Order

Schedule Outline – Simple

  • Day and Session Summary
  • #, Studio Code, Routine Name, Perf. Time

Routine and Choreographer 8.5 X 11

  • #, Routine Name, Age Group/Style, Choreographer, Studio

Routine and Choreographer 8.5 X 11 with Soloists

  • #, Routine Name, Soloist, Choreographer, Studio
  • With Category

Announcer 8.5 x 11 – MC/Emcee

  • Performance Order, Routine/Studio, Category, Studio Code, Staging (Entrance/Exit), Props Yes/No with Description, Music Length (as uploaded) and Performance Time

Schedule – Routines Per Session by Studio (DETAIL)

  • Prints a separate page for each studio and routine performance times with place for studio to track Medals and Ranking.

Final Score Summaries

In10sity – Overall Report Descending

ADA – Choreographer

ADA – Medal Standings

ADA – Overalls by Extended

ADA – Overalls – Host

ADA – Overalls – Tab

Announcer – Routines by Style

On The Fly

Grand Champ -> Title Solo

  • total/average top x routines separated by soloist

Modifications to Existing Reports

True Talent report can be modified by the preference setting Preferences->Behavior->Reporting/Printing

NRG Show Order Report Footer has been expanded to 2 lines to account for long descriptions.

Routine and Choreographer 8.5 X 11 will ask if you want to include the Studio

Trophy Labels can be so that your placements can be designated rather than the default

Preferences -> Behavior -> Reporting/Printing

Remember you can click the Enable Custom Lists button to make the drop-down list only contain the reports that are relevant to you. Click Enable Custom Lists, then check the reports that you want to display in the drop down.

Announcer – Routines by Style

Competition Award Presets

Style, Specialized Division and Point Scale options can now select multiple options. Previously only one selection per preset was allowed.

Click on the field and checkmark the ones that you want to include.

New Warning when running a Competition Award Preset – if there are routines that would qualify for the preset, but are not scored yet it will warn you. For example, a routine that should perform Friday night is moved to Saturday and you try to run the report on Friday, it will warn you about the routine that was moved.

*Excludes the setting for Minimum Score

Two New Methods for Top X

There are many different rules for the placement of routines when running your Competition presets. For example, do you always “place” the top 6 – or only the top 5 unless there are 10 in the category?

We’ve added 2 new methods.

– 1,3(5-9),5(10-14),10(15+)

– 1,3(5-9),5(10-14),10(20+)

For example, 1,3(5-9),5(10-14),10(15+)
would place:

1 top placement – if there is at least one routine

3 top placements – if there are at least 5 and less than 10 routines

5 top placements – if there are at least 10 and less than 15 routines

10 top placements – if there are at least 15 routines

Preferences -> Behavior –> Judging/Scoring -> Award Sheet Placement

New Method for Trophy Counts

You can now export a Trophy Count spreadsheet at the bottom of the Award Presets menu. Using Competition Award Presets, the trophies will be counted in the exact way your presets are run.

You can also choose to exclude presets and/or group them on the report. While editing your Presets, find the new button Trophy Count.

iPad Competition Reports can now be sorted by the preset priority rather than creation order.

Previously the reports would be sorted only in the order that the reports were created. If your Award Ceremonies always have the same flow, this allows you to print the reports while the occur, but have them sorted on the iPad in the order you would like to call them out.

To save reports to the iPad: Competition Manager -> Competition Monitor -> Live Reporting

To change the default sort, Preferences -> Behavior -> Reporting / Printing -> iPad Report Sort Priority.

Ability to Recount a Specific Competition Award Preset rather than all of them! The competition award presets can count the number of routines and eligible routines prior to and during competition to help you prepare for the flow of things. If there are minor changes to one or more routines, you can now click just on the impacted reports to run just those rather than recalculating all of them. Simply click on the number in the Count column

New Option for Competition “Scores By Studio”

You can now include only the top x routines in the Omit and Limit function.

Depending on your needs, note that the “On-the-Fly” reports also can do “Grand Champ” reports, which allow you to combine top scoring routines by studio to get the top average scores.

New Report options in “Studio Lists and Letter Codes”

Competition Manager->Studio Lists and Letter Codes

Studio Letter Code and Routine Counts

Letter Code, Studio Name, count for Students, Solos, Groups, Total

Last Routine

Letter Code, Studio Name, Last Routine #

Last Routine with Schedule

Letter Code, Studio Name, Total Students Last Routine # sorted by Session

Competition / Judging

Added “Student Choreo” indicator when the routine is marked as student choreography.

Event Manager

Registration Dashboard

New Routine Places / Pin / Instance Report in Registration Dashboard

Event Manager -> Registration Dashboard -> By Event – Routine Places/Pin/Instance Totals

Instance report will show you how many are in each group size.

Print will show how many based upon placements.

Added ACH totals to registration dashboard

As documented above, ACH is a new option for Stripe users. The Registration Dashboard can display the Total ACH payments by clicking on the (i) icon in the payments column.

Attendee Lookup and Numbering

Reorganized Attendee Lookup Report options to be alphabetical to streamline finding the report you are looking for.

Big 2×2 Number Color Bar
labels will now adjust the size of the name depending on how many letters there are to better fit all names at the maximum size.

Added new Big 2×2 Number Condensed With Age for Scholarship numbering labels.

Improved Search for Events with Similar Names – If you have 2 events with similar names, i.e. Branson, Branson2, the search will now be more specific to find only the city you are looking for.

If you perform a search, then click the Modify Last Find, you will note that the search term is wrapped in a quote (“) – that tells the search to be exact.


Award Nominations & Auditions

Audition Manager

The Audition Manager has been updated for general usability and performance enhancements.

Improved Audition Filtering to include subtype

Added Auto Creation of Award Records from Auditions based on selected round

ability to detect if audition attendee already has that scholarship – Yes

Exlcude Same Scholarship

Exclude More than One

Event Manager -> Award Nominations & Auditions

The Nomination screen will now only show valid filter and reporting options based upon which type of Nomination is selected.

Select Attendees to see:

Attendee Nominations, Assign Awards/ Scholarships

Select Routines to see:

Filter, Print Routine Nominations, Assign Award / Scholarships

Event Manager -> Award Nominations & Auditions

In the Assign Awards / Scholarship screen the system now supports multiple categories at the same time. It now supports any number of nominations for any number of categories.

Award Nominations – the ability to quickly copy and paste the attendee information has been added via the icon to the right of the student info.


This facilitates copy/paste into spreadsheets or word documents… if that’s your jam.

Awards and Scholarships

An award can have up to 4 related awards that are automatically created/updated/deleted.

Think summer, Nationals and cash prize awards…

When assigning the award / scholarship, you will see the system assign the other related awards. If you clear the name of the recipient or reassign it, the related awards will also be updated. The related awards are identified with red “Related” text on the studio selection drop down.

To configure the multiple awards, go to Preferences -> Judging & Awards -> Awards, Markings and Scholarships. Click the “…” and select up to 4 additional awards to be assigned.

Added a notification and short cut in awards to alert when that specific attendee is attending on a scholarship. Click the alert to see the details and a link to see their current scholarship list.

This will help to help to ensure duplicate awards are not given accidentally.

Coupons / Discounts

A Coupon can now require that a deposit has been made against the registration. If a payment has not been made, it will not be applied.

Event Manager –> Coupon Manager -> Edit -> Requires Deposit for Registration

A deposit is indicated on a registration on the Summary tab as a checkbox in the Deposit field

Any Payment can be marked as being the deposit. If they make an online registration or if the Memo has the word deposit it will automatically mark that payment.

A Coupon can now be limited to the First X for the Type “Each Qualifying Attendee” and “Each Routine”

In the example coupon, once the studio registers 5 Students, they will get 2 for free (100% off)

Music & Video

Ability to export all routines with their times and category data

The export includes:

Perf Order, Alternate, Age Category, Specialized Division, Point Scale, Size Category, Style Category, Estimated Length, Uploaded Music Length, Max Time, Pad Time.

Event Manager -> Music & Video -> search -> Print button – > Time Export

Season Control -> Edit the Event -> Deposit Settings

Cleaning the Routine Name of when building routine folders to prevent folder creation errors

Event Manager -> Music & Video -> search ->Create Folders

Back Office

New fields added to the Transaction Report

Added Attendee, Routine, Paid and Balance fields to Transaction Viewer to be available for export as needed.

Back Office -> Transaction Reports

Added ability to search for transactions by city (shows all transactions including failures)

Updated Staff Manager

  • Revised Staff Screen for easier readability
  • Added Printout and Excel Exports for Staff List
  • Miscellaneous usability and format improvements



Added Default Zoom Level on Opening and Starting TourPro. This sets the “magnification” level on the screen to make everything bigger or smaller.

Preferences > Behavior -> General

Consolidated Several Routine Rules

Added the attendee types and group sizes with relevant settings that may apply to automatically determine the routine level.

Added new “50% Rule” checkbox to enable this feature.

Added “Which Method is used to set your Routine Levels” for more accurate Importing.

Added Percentage for Leveling if Average % is used.

Preferences -> Behavior-> Routine Rules

Backstage iPad

The Backstage iPad screen has been refreshed!

The updated screen features more routines per page to allow for less scrolling. As you click on the routine the details for that routine are displayed in the bottom area.

A new “Select Routines” button lets you enter a range of performance numbers, select a session, or “Show All for Event” – click the button for your desired search.

When you click on a routine for example to check them in, the bottom portion populates with that routine so you can update the check-in status (no /yes), Props or Costume Color (so your lighting crew can use a complimentary color), log issues or notes, or see the adjudication.

If you aren’t using a backstage check-in monitor ask us how to set this up! Your dancers can see a tv screen where it tells them if they need to check in or if they already have. From the iPad you click No to get them to show up on the board as Please Check In, and click Yes when they have checked-in.

These changes are all designed to increase responsiveness so you will experience less lagging and a better experience.

Web Version



The web version is available from any desktop computer or iPad and looks just like the Full desktop version. To access it use the link format show above – just add /tourpro to your Studio registration portal. You will be prompted to log in – it’s the same user name and password you normally use.

Updated for Speed! Using the new web version is now almost like working on the local version. There’s only a couple of pages where it take a bit longer like the Registration Summary page – but we’re working on it!

We’ve fixed many of the navigation and printing issues. If you are using the web version and run into any issues, please submit a ticket at [email protected]

This is a great solution if you aren’t near your computer, or have temp staff or team members with limited needs.

Yes… this IS a web browser:

Mobile Director Version



The Mobile Director version is available from any mobile phone and is customized to fit the smaller view. From here you can check city totals, review registrations and even make minor changes. To access it use the link format show above – just add /tourpro to your Studio registration portal. You will be prompted to log in – it’s the same user name and password you normally use.

While the size of the phone makes it difficult to have the entire system at your fingertips, we are adding requested features if possible. For example, if you have the need to adjust a routine price, you can now do that.

If you are using the web version and run into any issues or have specific needs, please submit a ticket at [email protected]

Media Assistant

The TourPro Media Assistant

Added “Jump To ability for Media Assistant Pro Photo mode to quickly jump to an out of order routine.

Improved Media Assistant handling of renaming photo files

Added Mini view to Media Assistant for Recording mode only.

Added Studio Letter Code to Media Assistant Pro Photo Screen

Added Shortcut to Internet Speed Test to help set expectations of upload speeds.

Added Download Latest Media Assistant in preferences to always grab the latest version. Click Settings and Updating, then click the Download Latest Media Assistant button.

Added ability to scratch a routine within the Media Assistant and pre-scratched routines are imported.

Added Finalize Upload tool for uploading to TourPro’s new Zenfolio replacement site. This manages thumbnail and keyword creation for the event.

Fixed lower thirds in Media Assistant and Mimo for showing solo only names.

Fixed Lower Thirds from not showing the list of performers if the performer quantity is greater than a Duo/Trio.

Added Manual Keyworder to Media Assistant to help in the case of assets were uploaded, the keywords were wrong, but you do not have access to the original media to import back into the Media Assistant for Zenfolio users.

Main Menu > Upload Assistant > Zenfolio Tools > Upload Audit and Manual Keyword

Added Media duplication to Recompete routines for helping with Media Assistant and redownloading at a later point in time.

Corrected the auto-creation of the TourPro / AutoSave folder inside the Docs folder for the Media Assistant logs