Version 7


Internal Use Only –
This is considered confidential and proprietary and is only intended for use by TourPro customers. Sharing outside of your organization is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of your agreement.


Happy Holidays TourPro Land!

We are excited to kick off this new season with TourPro 7. Please review the new updates in version 7. This a major update to the TourPro system building on nearly 240 new features, changes and fixes. Any new feature requests will be added to our consideration at this point so that they can work their way into next years major release of TourPro. Our goal is to do a final update prior to January 1, 2023 to correct any last minute items. Some highlights include:

  • Automatically capture Routine Time Overages While Uploading Music
  • Registration Site
    • Import Roster and Routines from an Excel File and Faster assignment of Dancers
    • Skinnable Registration Header/Footer
    • Ability to just make a payment
  • Major Speed Increases for Syncing
  • Graphical Event Stat Charts
  • Enforceable Deposit Fees
  • Complete Paypal Merchant Integration

    Registration Website

Check for Music Overages and Collect Payment During Upload

  • As the music is uploaded, if the length of the song is longer than your routine limits, it can automatically apply the “Routine Markup.”
    • A dialog box can be displayed with whatever you would like to say.
    • The Music shows that the Routine Markup is applied
    • If the markup cost is enough to make the registration transition to a balance owed amount, the “Pay” button (configurable text) will appear.
    • The Registration will remain closed.


Before Upload


Upload a Song that Triggers Extended Time

After Upload

Import or Copy/Paste into the Roster and Routines

  • Previously, Studios could import a registration from other Competitions that use TourPro. Now if they have an Excel / CSV file as an export they can use that to quickly create the Roster and Routines.



  • They click the “Import Your Students from a File”
  • An example file can be downloaded by following the “Click here to download an empty file you can use as a reference.”
  • They can either click the file via the Choose File button, or, simply copy and paste the contents of the file.
  • The system walks them through the process
    • Select the file, or Copy / Paste
    • Load the file
    • Select the Columns
      • For each field, select which column contains the values for that field. In the example file, the header row matches the columns that are needed.
    • Identify the Date Format
      • Different systems may export the date in a different format – you can select the correct format
    • Import
    • The results are displayed.
    • If there are any errors to what is expected that column will be highlighted.
      • you did not select the correct date format
      • you tried to enter “F” for female rather than the word Female
    • If there are only a few errors it may be faster to fix them, or, fix the spreadsheet and try again.



  • The process is identical
  • The “empty file” is generated on-the-fly to contain the fields that match your system.

From the Roster

Click “Import Your Students from a File”


Import Attendee Data appears

An example CSV file

Paste into the text area, then Load

Next, identify the Field / Column Mapping


Identify the columns and correct date format


Import and voila!

Submit to save changes.





Routines Data import button


The sample file contains only the relevant fields

Warnings for Registrations with Deposits

  • If your event is using deposits, the Studio begins by entering the number of routines they are bringing.
  • When they check out, the system automatically adjusts their “reservation” by the amount of unused routines. This ensures that the event can reach capacity.
  • The “Checkout” button has been renamed to Pay and Submit
  • When they click that, they will receive a warning message that they will forfeit any unused routines.
  • If the system is configured to allow them to Make a Payment, it includes the instruction on how to simply make a payment against the registration without closing it.

Ability for Studio to Make a Payment without closing Registration

  • The Submit button on the Checkout Summary page has been renamed “Pay and Submit”
  • Unless disabled, the Studio can decide if they want to make a Payment Only, or Finalize their Registration
  • Payment Only will take them to enter their credit card information, and leave the registration open.
    • If the “Payment in Full” date has passed, then the Payment Only option will not be available.
  • Finalize Registration will warn the user if they have reserved more routines than they have entered, and upon submission, follow your preferences to Always Close, Keep Open, or Close the Registration if Paid in Full.


Streamlined Dancer Selection for Routines

  • Previously after adding dancers, they would have to go back to the Routine List, find where they left off, then click the Edit button again. Now, there are new Next and Previous buttons. This will greatly speed up adding dancers to the routines.
  • Imagine… you just imported your routines – now go to the first one… add dancers, Next Routine… add dancers, Next Routine… add dancers. It doesn’t get faster!

PayPal Integration

  • Full integration with PayPal has been added, similar to Stripe and

Studio can now Print Routines with/without Fees on the Registration Portal.

While adding routines and also on the checkout page, the studio can now print their routines with and without fees.

Sort Dancers While Adding to Routine

When adding dancers to a routine, you may want to sort them by name or type. You can now shift-click on the column headers to select multiple columns to sort by.


Themed Header / Footer

  • Want to change the black header to a different color, or put in a repeating image? We can now carry your branding even further into the system.

Enforced Deposit Fees

  • When a Studio makes a deposit for 20 routines, but ends up bringing less, you can now apply a penalty for not bringing the number or routines they said they would.
  • The Routine Deposit Penalty will appear on the registration during checkout.
  • Previously the entire deposit would be applied towards the balance, so as long as they brought enough to cover the cost of the balance, there was no real penalty. Now you can charge them for the ones that they didn’t bring.
  • The fee is recalculated every time they check out – so if they do decide to bring more, the amount of the fee will reduce.

Check the “Apply Routine Deposit Penalty during Checkout”


The “Forfeit” fee is applied during checkout.

Event Add-Ons tab added to the detail page


  • Previously they could see the tab during checkout, so we added this to the detail page they can see after a registration is closed.


Reg Cutoff Can Be Renamed

  • If you are showing the Reg Cutoff Column on the New Event tab, you can change the name to something else.


Student Emails can be captured

  • Currently the students “guardian” email can be captured for processing of SmartWaivers. In addition, we’ve added the Student Email address.
  • The student email is also requested while initiating a waiver so as to more accurately and often capture the students email address.

Added Custom Home Page Text

  • The Custom web text by Event (Season Control – Edit the Event – Web Home/Deposit) on both the “Start A New Registration” page and “Open Registrations” page. This text appears under the Event Name

Ability to Not Show Studio Credits When Going to Checkout

  • When clicking the Proceed to Checkout button from the Routines page, the system automatically shows the credits that are available to the studio.
  • The studio still has the opportunity to apply credits by using the Show Credits button.
  • You can prevent the automatic showing of credits by going to:
    • Preferences -> Company Info -> Web Preferences (bottom right)
    • Search for the word credit – set “do_not_prompt_studio_credits” to 1


Ability to Not Show “Recompete” routines in Studio Portal Results

  • If you run “battle” type events, you can prevent the “battle” routines from appearing in the Studio Portal.
  • Season Control -> Edit Event -> Select “Hide Recompete Routines From Results”
  • This is on a per event basis

Events are now listed in ascending order on the Studio’s home page.


Non-Binary can be disabled so it is not an option for attendees on the Registration Site.




New Season Overview Capability

  • From the TourPro Main Screen, click the new Season Overview button.
  • By Season – Review Routine Requests and Registered routines for every event.
  • Detail – Pick which event to show various charts.
  • Attendee Limits/Capacities to Main Menu
  • Confirmed Attendee category to Attendee Capacity Breakdown (Maximum allowed minus available)
  • Routine breakdown by studio – with highlighting and filtering – deposits no actual, or no actual 60 days prior to event








By Seasion


Detail – Pick the Event

Waitlist function

Create an Event to serve as the waitlist. You may want to put the dates in the past if you don’t want the studios to select it. In the configuration for the waitlist event you can also prevent people from adding in their attendees and routines by disabling those in “Additional Controls” while editing the Event.


Create a registration for the Waitlist event.


In Summary -> Agreements and Reservations, select the waitlist for event.



To see the waitlist – go to Registration by Event, select the event. From the magnifying glass, click the “Show Event Waitlist”



The waitlist for that event is displayed.


You can see all the waitlisted registrations and click the Move to Event to move them from the waitlist to the




Fixed the highlighting in registrations for event to highlight the history button correctly if they have other events for the current season


Green indicates they have other registrations for this season – the first number is the number of registrations for this season and the second number is the total registrations in the system.


Click the History button to see the detail.

Registrations by Event – Select the Event – Reg List

Email When Studio Imports from a Partner

You may receive an email notifying you when a Studio has imported their registration from another TourPro customer.


Preferences -> Behavior -> Registration -> Email Notifications

Invoices now include attendee fee total, which includes the sum of competition, convention, and addon fees instead of just an individual’s fees to attend.



Registration / Financial


Add-ons and Adjustments can now apply to a specific category (Student, Teacher, Observer or Routines) to adjust amount owed by category. This allows for an adjustment of fees to be calculated against before coupons are run OR for a manual adjustment of fees without the need to override any particular object such as the routine fee.

Ability to track attendee deposits by specific type.

If you select a type of deposit required for Attendees, you have the option to select All Student Types (All Teacher Types, All Observer Types). Previously you could only select the total number of Students / Teachers / Observers. This feature combined with the attendee limits will allow you to discontinue reservations for specific attendee types. Previously the studio would only know a particular type was sold out when trying to add the attendee as the specified type. Now, if there is a reservation, it will save that number of student types for the Studio. Combined with the feature below, you have full visibility and control of all attendee subtypes.


Registration Website will Show

Updated Agreements and Reservations Screen


Registrations -> Summary Tab


  • Is updated to a card view rather than popover to improve performance
  • Now stores the “Waitlist For” selection
  • When making a registration for an event that has reservations, the system will automatically take you to this screen to enter the limits for the new registration
  • Now shows breakdown of Attendee Types if configured

The number of routines allowed can now be set based on the number of attendees they are bringing. For example, if they are bringing 10 attendees then they are allowed 20 routines, but if they are bringing 50 attendees they can be allowed 100 routines. The system will limit them, but you can always override by setting a value in the Registration Summary -> Agreements & Reservations.


As they add or remove attendees, the limits are automatically recalculated.

Preferences -> Pricing -> Deposit Quantity Rules


Season Control -> Edit Current Season -> Edit Event

Select Allowed Routines Based on Attendee Count

If you do Conventions and take Deposits but want to allow 0 Routines?

The “Cash/Check” option can be renamed to “Convention Only”

Set Web-Preferences “Allow Studio to enter 0 Routines for Deposit” to 1

Competition Exempt.

You can select if a particular attendee type should be Competition Exempt – they will not be available during selection of dancers in the routine. For example one-day participants or based on age.


Preferences -> Pricing -> Tiers & Attendee Fees -> select the Attendee Fee -> select Comp Exempt.


Exclude Attendee types by Account type.

In the same area you can also exclude the specific type of attendee for specific account types.

Automatic Routine Leveling based on Dancers in the Routine

If you are still having your studios select the level of the routine, there are new options for the system to automatically select the level for them. Please contact us for assistance if you are interested in this feature.


Sending Invoices Prior to Registration Close… When sending an invoice to a registration that is not closed, the system will update the pricing before sending the invoice. However, please note that if you send an invoice prior to payment and closing of the registration the interim invoice may not reflect the final amounts.




Registration / Communications

Form Letters/Templates

(Event Manager -> Form Letters)

  • Insert Merge Code drop down menu
  • Added Used, Available, Not Yet Available and Expired credit tags to form letters allowing for clear communication of an accounts credit availability. Note that they can also see their credits from their Account page if this is enabled.

Fixed 5160 Routine Labels for 3 across and 10 down printing

– Registrations by Studio -> Communications -> Labels



Registration Notes now automatically logs every time the registration is open / closed along with the total fees at the time and whether or not the Checkout Rules were run. This can be disabled in Preferences -> Behavior -> Registration

Added sticky note capability to the registration notes to keep the most important notes at the top of the list. Click on the Star icon to denote it as a Sticky Note.


Registration / Attendees

Added Attendee Email field to Attendee/Attending Records. Click on the attendee and go to the Waiver tab.


To enable attendee emails, go to Preferences -> General -> Web Preferences. Search for email


You can configure the system to collect the Student (teacher/observer) email on the Registration screens and also during the waiver process.


Corrected a display issue with fee override dialog boxes for teachers and observers to show Fee and Discount simultaneously.


  • Click on the Fee to display the Override.

Attendee Errors can now be seen in Season Registration List View for quick auditing.


Registrations by Event -> Reg List




Registration / Routines

Minimum Age for a Group Size – you can now enter a minimum age of the performer for a routine size – i.e. no 6 year old in a group.



Preferences -> Competition -> Routine Group Sizes…

Automatic Detection of “Too Similar” Routine for a Dancer – This preference will disallow the same dancer from performing in two routines of the same age, size and genre. For example, if you are in one Teen Jazz Small Group you may not perform in another Teen Jazz Small Group.


Preferences -> Behavior -> Routine Rules

Minimum Number of Routines Per Registration – this setting will let you set a minimum number of routines that each registration is required to register.


Season Control à Edit the Event -> Event Limits and Judging.



Date Warning – Added warning on the Session builder if a sessions date is set to something outside of the event’s start and end dates

Schedule Lock – Checkmark this when you are ready to freeze the schedule and performance order.

  • When you enter the Performance Order Editor, the system will automatically check and restore the routine’s performance order, date, time and session, as well as the Session information for the Event.
  • You will be unable to click on many of the feature items – simply unlock and then re-lock once any needed changes are complete.

Competition Manager – Edit Existing Performance Order


Color Coding is added to the Age Category – simply set the color in your preferences.


Preferences -> Competition -> Competition Age Divisions


In the Performance order Editor the Age Division will show the color of the Age Division.


The Show Planning Aid will now support events where Specialized Divisions (Levels) are not used.

Competion Manager -> Create Performance Order / Schedule -> Blocks -> Reports -> Show Planning Aid

Added new sort: AgeDiv-AvgAge




Competition / Competition Monitor

Quickly “Average” a Missing Judges Scores

Ever had a missing judge and had to calculate and enter their scores while they were absent? Click this button to quickly “average” a judges score based on the scores that have been entered.


In the Tools menu, click “Enable Judge Average Score”

On the right side above Set to Record, click the Fill-in Missing Judge Score. Make sure you do this after all judges have completed their scoring.

Mobile App Updates for the Tracker and Streaming can be updated from within the Competition Monitor.


Under Tools, click to Enable Tracker


The Tracker Menu Appears


Set the Timezone


As you “Set to Record” the system will automatically follow along.


You can now also set the Streaming Links from this menu.


With these changes, the “Live” system is only needed for Voting within the app if you use that feature.


This requires that the tabulator is configured with two internet connections. Please contact us for assistance.

Added Routine Makeup Errors to the Competition Monitor to help the Tabulator catch accidental errors.




Competition / Judging

“Easy Tap” button allows judges to quickly set the routine score in the range they desire – i.e. Platinum. Once they have the initial score they can adjust using the arrows or by entering a specific score.


To enable this,

Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging -> Enable Tap Score -> “Easy Tap”





In Preferences – >Judging & Awards –> Judging

You will find the Judging Categories, and Designations. The system will automatically set the values that the judges will be assigning based upon the percentages of each category.


When you click the icon, the system will refresh all of the settings. Click on the to see the settings for each Adjudication level.





For example, my Diamond level would assign the following scores for each score category depending on if they select High Med or Low.




If you wish to always set a particular category to the highest level, locate the … icon in the Judging Categories area. Select “EasyTap-Always Give High Score for this Category. For example, some areas of the country usually give a 10 for “Appearance.”



If the automatic generation of the values does not work for you, click the “Do Not Automatically Refresh Individual Scores” at the top of the Designation Table. You can then manually enter the scores you would like the judges to give for each designation and range.







Tabulator / Judge Messaging with Specific Judges


The Tabulator can now communicate to a selected judge and the judges can now communicate to the Tabulator without including the other Judges.


From Tabulator – Click the Judge Message button to display a list of the current judges.


In the top, you can enter a message to send, then click the Send Message button to send that message to a specific judge. Or, Send to All to send to everyone.











To clear a message, click on the blue highlight.





From the Judge – the Tab Message will turn blue when they receive a message, or they can click the button to send a message to the Tabulator



The most recent message is displayed in a “texting” view – they can also just click the Yes No Ok button to send that.













Compare Button has been moved to the lower area to make it more visible.


This button shows the Judges how they ranked similar routines and optionally the total score.


Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging/Scoring


Locate the Hide Judge Comparision Tool setting.

You can either check to hide the feature, or, click to select the criteria to determine the routines to Compare. For example, if you select Age-GroupSize, then routines of the same Age category and Group size would be displayed.


To hide the routine total score, select a setting that is indicated with “Hide Totals”


iPad Performance Improvements


The interface and scripts have been adjusted to improve the speed when judging.


Please remember the Tabulator computer should always be plugged directly into the router.


To improve performance further, you may also want to use iPad – ethernet wired adapters.



Click Show Routine Overall to see the Total Score


Click Score History to show recent routines in order. Use Next / Previous buttons to navigate as desired showing 10 routines at a time.

Nominations Button On Tabulator shows the count of nominations for a routine. Click on the button to show the detail of the nominations

Quickly Show Unscored Routines – click on the Filter area on the top left corner of the tabulator, then “Show Unscored Routine List”


This opens a new window with just the unscored routines and will not interrupt the tabulator screen.

When Connecting an iPad, the menu has been adjusted to more clearly identify the intended action.

Ability to Assign Nominations for Particular Judges with Fast Data Entry Screen


Competition Monitor -> Tools

Nomination Method – Specific Categories for Each Judge


The Nominations button appears.



In each column, select the Judge(s) that should be allowed to nominate for the items beneath the Judge Selection.


For example, Judge 1 will be able to select Technique Overall and Choreography


And Judge 2 will be able to select Second Overall


You may also enter a range of routine numbers to limit force the selection within the range.


Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.



On the Judges screen, the Nominate button appears in blue.



Click on the Nominate button and the entry screen appears.

The first category is automatically selected.


Click on the Routine # entry box (top right) then search. If the routine fits the criteria (size, age, level, etc) then it will automatically be added as a Nomination.


Continue by clicking each category until complete.




Preferences -> Judging & Awards -> Awards, Markings and Scholarships

  • Click the Pencil icon
  • Click the Nomination Rules tab
  • For any items that are required, checkmark only those items. For example, in this example they would need to be a Shooting Star Level. You can pick from Level, Size, Age, or Genre, and you can pick multiple items, for example, all groups.











Competition / Reporting / Nominations

New Combined Report

You can now select multiple Award Presets and combine them into a single report. This is useful if you have a number of reports with just the “top 1” and you want to combine them into as few pages as possible.


  • Select the Combined Report checkbox next to the presets that you want to combine.
  • To quickly select many, click on the first, then click on the triangle of the last report you want to select to quickly checkmark them.
  • Click the Create Combined Report button
  • The list of presets are displayed – you can sort, exclude, or use the QuickSort column to quickly identify the order you would like to print the reports.
  • When you click Go, each preset it run and the results are displayed on the format of report you selected (Simple or Detailed).


Competition Manager-> Competition Award Presets

Saved Report Results

Every time that a report is run, the results are now saved. You can see what the result were at a specific point, and you can also combine reports into one PDF for posting on the web.



Competition Manager-> Competition Award Presets


The entire list of reports that were run are displayed with the date/time of the last time they were printed.


Click the Print icon to reprint that report.


You can also click the Combined Report column and select the desired order to create one big PDF file of all the results in the order you like.

New Show Order Reports

  • Schedule Outline Detailed
  • Schedule Outline REVEL
  • Schedule Outline NYCDA 2 Column
  • Virtual Critique Show Order Report
    • Export this as Excel and send to judges to remotely critique user uploaded videos
  • Title Solo Stat Report
    • Schol #, Gender, Name, Age, #



Remember you can click the Enable Custom Lists button to make the drop-down list only contain the reports that are relevant to you.

True Talent – Results by Category report can be run by “Overall” or by “Detail”

  • Overall will combine genres so it is run by Level/Age/Size
  • Detail include genres so it is run by Level/Age/Size/Genre


This is a powerful report in that you can use it to run your entire event.

  • Ability to sort by performance order / order of occurrence or by your preferences
  • Ability to show/hide scores
  • Ability to show/hide unplaced routines

New Options to Identify the Number of Top Scores for Reports


  1. Ability to Enter a Top X on the Preset Screen
  • In Award Presets there is a new Print column to enter how many routines you would like in your top x.
  • The best way to use this is go to your Award Presets
  • Click Count Routines / Set Eligible and Last
  • Click Find – Select Eligible
  • Click Sort – Select Last Routine
  • The list of your presets are now presented in order of performance with the number of eligible routines per reports.



  1. You can also edit the Preset and click the 2nd Limit button. You can adjust the report to select the top x routines in several ways.
    1. If there are at least x routines…

      For example, normally you would run Top 10 but if there are 50 in the category then you want to do top 20.

    2. If the type of event is (from Season Editor)….

      For example, perhaps for Nationals you do top 20, but normally you do top 10.

    3. You can also specify the system to ask you how many while the preset is being run.


From the Preset Editor…

Shortcut to run the On-The-Fly for the current routine division.


In the Competition Monitor/Tabulator screen, there is a button to “Run On the Fly for this Group” in the Edit Routine Details pop-over.


Click this button to find all similar routines and populate the On The Fly report with the results. From there you can print.


This also works well with the feature below – Custom Competition Categories

Custom Competition Categories

In Edit Existing Performance Order you can set a “Comp Group” for just that routine.


You can type in the Override whatever you want. On subsequent routines, the name you entered will become an option. The category you enter will appear on selected reports. Use this with the On The Fly capability to report on your subset of routines.

New Report Options for On The Fly

Competition Monitor /Tabulator -> On The Fly



The “Grand Champ” report is typically a Studio Competition report, for example, “the top 5 scoring routines from all studios”


If you have a need for a special “dance off” contact us for assistance.


On The Fly Report Presets

Competition Monitor /Tabulator -> On The Fly


If there are searches that you often do, you can save them as a preset.


For example if I’m looking for my Junior Solos, I can configure the search. Then… click the Presets button, and “Save Current Selections as Preset.


Give it a name you will recognize…


And it will appear when you select Presets.



If you want to delete the preset – click the


If you want to resave the preset with updated selections click the


Nominations Filtering / Printing / Assignment Enhancements


Event Manager -> Award Nominations & Auditions


  • You can now select multiple nominations at the same time to filter results.


  • Most reports have been slightly reformatted to support section headers for each nomination category.


  • To print a range or all nominations use the buttons on the left. To print the filtered list, select the report format on the right, then Print Filtered List


  • Assignment of Nominations from the portal on the left has been optimized for data entry. Click on the routine to add a nomination, then the Nomination data entry box appears. The location of the routine in the left portal remains where you left off; previously you would have to scroll back to where you were.





Added “AgeDiv, Subject, Group, PointScale” as a new option for displaying routine summary in reports.


Preferences-> Behavior-> Reporting/Printing

New Method to Sync and Load Scores

Previously all scores were synced as individual records when you did a sync. Given 500 routines, with 5 categores and 3 judges, on average 7500 score records would need to be created and synced across all devices – this took a long time. Now we are generating “score packets” that contain all the scores in a single file that syncs in seconds. The scores are unpacked and updated automatically.


There are a few things that you need to know.

  • When you exit the Competition Monitor / Tabulator, a copy of all the scores are saved.
  • When you enter the Competition Monitor, the system evaluates all of the scores that it knows about, and automatically merges based on the last modification date.
  • Whenever you are presented with a dialog box, you will select the default option.
  • At the bottom of the Competition Manager you will see the Local Event Score Loader. Generally you should not need to go into this utility. You can see for each event which ones you have scores on your computer and which ones there are scores available. You can click on the Score Snapshot link to see all of the versions.
  • Scores need to be processed on our server to become available. We run the process regularly, but scores will not be instantly published.



The same rules apply for multi-room events – create the scores on the “master” room, then sync. With the second room, sync to download the score records. As the competition continues, you can sync as needed to copy the updated scores from one room to the other.




If your system does not have any scores for that event it will ask you to Load them.


If you have updated scores that need to be save, it will ask you to save them now. Generally click Save Now.


If the scores on your computer our not current it will ask if you would like to update them. Generally click Continue



General Improvements

  • Award Presets now will always use the tie breaker score to put the “Technically higher” scoring routine (whether tie breaks are used or not) higher on the report. So while two routines may tie, the one on top performed better based on the tie break categories.
  • Improved Running Presets from an iPad
  • Improved overall performance of running Award Presets, especially when calculating and breaking ties
  • Improved performance of “On-the-Fly” report.


Event Manager

Registration Dashboard

Added Export feature in Registration Dashboard by Reg


Default export contains:

Unique key Registration

Unique key Studio

Date Registration Created

Studio Name

Studio Owner First / Last Name

Studio City, State

Email address

Phone 1, 2

Social Media Website

Total Routines

Total Students

Total Teachers

Total Observers

Total Fee

Remaining Balance

Added Multi-Reg flag in Registration Dashboard to show if a studio has registered more than once in a found set (e.g for the season)


Attendee Lookup and Numbering

Added support for searching Attendee lookup for attendees with addons

In Find mode, click the Attendee Addons button

New Reports / Labels

  • Teacher Thank Yous report


  • 4×6 style Dymo labels for scholarship numbers



  • Big 2X2 Number Condensed Small Logo


    (Multiple Scholarship Numbers)

  • Big 2X2 Number Color Bar
    • Adds a color bar at the top of the logo
  • Big 2X2 Number Condensed Small Logo
    • Biggest possible number by making the logo a bit smaller


Ability to Exclude Attendees if they are dancing below their specified age range.


In find mode, use the Add Criteria button, click Omit, then select Yes to Attending Below Age


Registration Check In

Added Preference controls to set the default sort when using Event Check-In.


Preferences -> Behavior -> General


Awards and Scholarships

Fixed Display issue in the Awards screen for the Award Recipient due to new addition of including attendees age in their full name for display in other reports/screens


Prevent the same Attendee from receiving more than 1 scholarship in the same season. Select Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging / Scoring and select Any Scholarship. This will highlight any Award/Scholarship assigned to the same attendee on the Award Screen.

“Search by Session” in Awards & Scholarships. If the current event is using Sessions, you can quickly search for awards for that session.


Exclude individual Attendees when Assigning Scholarships Numbers

In the registration locate the Attendee – click on their name and select “Sch Number Exemption”.


When assigning scholarship numbers, the person will be automatically excluded even if they are in the found set.


Coupons / Discounts

New Options include the ability to reduce the amount of the Grand Total options:

  • Less Credits
  • Less Deposit
  • Less Deposit and Credits


  • Should set on event for amount


Event Manager -> Coupon Manager




If you are using one of the “less Deposit” options but are only taking Reservations, you can specify an amount to subtract from the Grand Total amount.


Season Control -> Edit the Event -> Deposit Settings


Limit all coupons from being applied to registrations that are below a specified dollar amount.


Preferences -> Registration -> Payment/Deposit Setting -> Minimum Balance Required to Apply Coupons.

Reapply Manually Applied Coupons Automatically – Normally coupons that are not Auto-Applied are not recalculated unless you remove and reapply them. This new option allows this to be managed automatically.

Multi City Discounts for Conventions

Preferences -> Pricing – Select a pricing tier


You can enable an automatic discount that is applied per attendee for the selected attendee type.


  • The discount is applied during checkout. The system automatically checks the students for all attendance of the season and retroactively adjusts all registrations.
  • You can enter a percent to apply on the fees for the second, or third and subsequent events.
  • You can specify how to manage scholarships, and if the attendee type counts towards eligibility for the season – for example, a “one-day” may not count.


Back Office

New fields added to the Transaction Report

Added Attendee, Routine, Paid and Balance fields to Transaction Viewer to be available for export as needed


Back Office -> Transaction Reports

Updated Staff Manager

Reorganized Staff Manager for clarity.

Blue indicates a local account.




Updated Email Configuration

Combined two popovers into a unified page for configuration.


On the left, set which emails should be sent. In the middle columns, define additional / alternate email addresses. On the right, some emails can use a template – select which one – or… configure the default / additional message via the popup box.


Preferences -> Behavior -> Registration -> Email Notifications



Added Default Zoom Level on Opening and Starting TourPro. This sets the “magnification” level on the screen to make everything bigger or smaller.


Preferences > Behavior


General Interface


Performance / Speed Improvements

  • Syncing improvements from new Score method
  • Web Version
  • Archiving of Old Events to reduce file size and speed
  • Registration Dashboard by Event
  • If you have a server, some functions will now take place on the server.
  • Reduced size of the “Owner Pics” on the Account page
  • On-the-Fly and Presets reporting


General Fixes

  • Added manual support tools installer to Help/Info menu for judge systems


Web Version (

The web version is available from any desktop computer or iPad and looks just like the Full desktop version. To access it use the link format show above – just add /tourpro to your Studio registration portal. You will be prompted to log in – it’s the same user name and password you normally use.


The web version supports most functions with the exception of Judging and some printing functions. We’ve recently:


  • Made massive speed improvements.
  • Corrected printing for the vast majority of TourPro screens
  • Added the ability to send invoice from web version with the ability to select a template or write your own message

Mobile Director Version (

The Mobile Director version is available from any mobile phone and is customized to fit the smaller view. From here you can check city totals, review regitrations and even make minor changes. To access it use the link format show above – just add /tourpro to your Studio registration portal. You will be prompted to log in – it’s the same user name and password you normally use.


Judging / Backstage iPad

Update iPad dialog screen when opening to provide more clarity on the mode: Judging, Admin, Backstage


TourPro Mobile App / Web App

For Virtual Events in Live Convention Manager, added ability to paste in a list of guests to quickly build a list.