Congratulations on joining the TourPro Family! Lets get you setup!

Now that you’ve made a life changing decision (go you!) it’s time to get your systems setup to run the TourPro App but first lets talk about your options!

First you have the web version of TourPro. This is located by going to your registration site: All you have to do is add /tourpro to the end of your registration site and you will be re-directed to the admin login screen. This version is great for remote workers making immediate registration changes, customer service representatives, accountants etc. It is nearly fully featured and always available.

When you access the TourPro Web version from a computer or tablet you will be presented with the full TourPro web experience. If you are connecting to it with a mobile phone you will be presented with the TourPro Mobile Director. This is a lightweight version intended for on site usage for quick lookup/reference/adjustments to your event and perfect for your weekend directors or as an owner who wants a quick glance without having to lug around a laptop or iPad.

For all of the users doing heavy lifting in your system we can setup the TourPro Syncing App. This is is an application we will install to your Mac or PC using the instructions below. This will give your systems the ability to work offline and sync their changes to your server. This is intended for:

1. Power Users
2. Tabulation Computers
3. Schedule Builders
4. Media Assistant systems
5. Judging Laptops

To get your Mac setup please follow these instructions.

1. Download the setup app by clicking here
2. Unzip the Setup app and run it once on your Mac.
3. Once completed, restart your Mac.
4. Once installed you can throw away the setup app as you will not need it again. A notice will be sent to our support system to setup and prepare your system.
5. When completed, we will notify you at the information inputted into the Setup app (so please provide your real information) and then you can go into your Applications folder of the Mac and open the “Managed Software Center” app. Click on “Updates” and the software will download and install. You may need to click “Update All” in order to install all of the appropriate software.
6. Once installed, let us know and we will send out a second email with a direct download link to your TourPro file. Move the file to somewhere you will remember it (do not leave it in your downloads we all know thats a place that files go to die, or like the junk drawer in your kitchen) and double click the TourPro file to launch it and continue setup.

For getting a PC running Windows, please email us at [email protected]