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TourPro 6 Pre-Season Update!

If you like 6, you’ll love some of the new features we snuck in there during the last few months that will help you through this season!  This will be our last planned update, but as usual we may find things that you just can’t live without.

Copy/Paste this URL into your browser if you would like to have them in a separate window:


Once you receive your update, the following features will be available.  How do you know?  On the main TourPro screen you can see the version – anything that is the same or higher than the one below will have these features. 

New Capabilities / Highlights

  • Assign awards to routines based on Score Preset Reports – increase speed and accuracy!
  • Update the TourPro App Tracker directly from TourPro or the Media Assistant – no more Live App!
  • Show the Judges a count-down timer to prompt for more timely score entry!
  • Sticky Notes on Studios!
  • More easily add studio to discount coupons from the Studio screen
  • And more!

Registration Website

  • Added new coupon Savings Condition: Grand Total of all fees less deposit.
    • This will subtract the deposit amount that was paid from the grand total before applying the discount.
    • NOTE: if the deposit has not yet been paid, the discount will not exclude that amount.

  • Moved the configurable Web text as shown in Red below from inside of the instructions are on the right to just above the routines for much better visibility.

  • Fixed coupon conditions “For Every” and “When Studio Registration Fees are more than…”
  • When showing the list of scores, a new preference allow you to include the category total for each score, for example: Judge 1 Technique 35 (40)
    • Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging/Scoring
  • Gender has been changed from Other to Non-Binary
  • Fixed importing of routines to ensure that “re-compete” and Special Markings for the routine are cleared.


  • Enhanced Notes for both the Studio and Registrations.
    • Studio page now shows both Studio and Registration Notes
    • A Studio Note can be a “sticky” note – a sticky note is always sorted to the top. If there is a sticky note on a studio, the notes tab will have 3 asterisks *** indicating an important note.
    • In Registrations, the Notes tab will also show the asterisks. Each tab will turn red if there are any notes in that category.

  • Easily add coupons that specify a particular studio directly on the Studio. If you have a loyalty program you may be giving the studio a percentage off of their registrations – you can use this feature to manage studios easily rather than going to the coupon.
    • On the bottom of the studio viewer there is a coupon button. If any are assigned to the studio the button will turn blue.
    • Click on the button to see the coupons that are available with a studio condition.
    • Click on Add or Remove to add the coupon.
    • Note that the coupon may be inactive. Use the coupon manager to activate it.

  • New Coupon savings condition –  “Grand Total of all fees less deposit” – if there is a PAID deposit for the registration, the discount is not applied on the amount of the payment for the deposit.
  • Updated the Registration List Tab
    • In Registrations by Event, Reg List tab, the History button has been corrected and updated.
    • If the Studio has other registrations for the currently selected season, the button will be Green. The count of registrations is also displayed.
    • In this example Augusta West has a total of 8 registrations and 3 are in the currently selected season.

    • Click on the button to see the history
  • Auto-Selected Event or Attendee Add-ons.
    • If you have a fee that you want to apply to all registrations that is not an attendance or routine fee, you can now attach an additional fee to the registration automatically.
    • Event Add On

When editing your event, add the Add On and mark it as “Auto Add” and make sure Enabled is Yes

      • During Checkout, the add on is added to the registration and may not be deleted by the studio

    • Attendee Add-Ons
      • Attendee Add Ons are similar – however, they CAN be deleted by the studio.
      • Mark the Add On as “Auto Add” and make sure that “Enabled” is Yes.

      • When adding the Attendee to the event, the add on is automatically added, but can be removed.

  • Leave a specified Registration open during checkout.
    • You have several options for registration management during checkout – close them, leave them open, or close if they are paid in full. A new setting allows you to always leave a single registration open. This is helpful if they regularly call you to re-open their registration to make changes.
    • In the registration click on the status area and click the “Keep Open” checkbox.

  • Added the showing of non-approved credit card transaction for deposits.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Observer’s Tab
  • Fixed adding new people in the Roster error messages to enter the birthday
  • Check for multiple “reservations” by the same studio.
    • If you have a problem with the same studio taking up multiple spots for reservations but they end up cancelling most of them, you can now get better insight.
    • Go to Event Manager -> Registration Dashboard -> “Event” -> Routine Breakdown

    • Click Requests

    • Click Studio

    • The system will show the total number of registrations for the season (3), event detail, and will highlight:
      • Red – any reservations that do not have a deposit and do not have any actual attendees / routines
      • Yellow – same as red, except they paid a deposit


  • Assisted assignment of Awards for All Routines on your Presets! See below under Awards for how to configure and assign awards.  When you run a Score Preset, it now records every instance of the results.  This can be used at a later time to both audit what was run onsite and process each preset by awarding routines with your awards / scholarships based upon your event rules.

Competition / Competition Monitor

  • Ability to show dancer name / gender in monitor
  • If you use the TourPro App, the Tracker status can now be updated directly via the Judge Monitor, Music & Video screens and Media Assistant. See below under the TourPro App for more. Note: the computer must have internet access.
    • In the Tools menu, set Enable Tracker to Yes.  The Tracker menu will appear.

    • The fields are the same as in the Live web based system.
    • Make sure to enter the Timezone.  If desired, enter the Next Award and Break, Message (Alert).
    • When you click “Set to Record” it will populate the Current Routine with that routine, and the Next with the next routine in the performance order.

    • If you want to change the next routine click the Tracker Next button.  It will remain green indicating that is the next routine.

    • When you click Start Recording, the system will update the App with the information from the tracker drop down.  You can also click the Update Tracker Now button to send an update for the Message or Award / Break times.
    • Note: You do not have to be recording from the Judge monitor – an optional setting allows you to use the Set to Record and Start Recording buttons as triggers only.  Click the “Use Record Button as Trigger” in Tools menu for this purpose.


  • The costume color will now appear in the Judge Monitor if it is selected by the backstage monitor
    • Select in backstage app

      • It appears in Routine Details.

      • As well as in the Music & Video

  • You can now select only specified Nominations to be available to the Judges to limit selection during certain parts of the event.
    • In the Tools menu, click the ones that are currently to be voted upon and they will be available to select in the judges screen.  Once the desired selections are highlighted in green, click the Save button to send to the Judges.
    • Note that the preference in Behavior / Judging / Scoring -> Enable Judge Routine Nominations should be set to No, otherwise they will continue to see all possible Nomination categories.

    • The Judge navigates to the Routine to Nominate, then clicks the Nominate button. The available nominations appear.  Nominations awarded by that Judge for that routine appear on the left, all nominations for that Judge are presented on the right.

Competition / Judging

  • Countdown timer on Judge Screen!
    • You can now trigger a “Time Remaining” count down to remind Judges to enter their scores in a timely manner. The system uses either the system preferences or time entered on the routine, and when approximately 1/3 of the time has elapsed it turns yellow, and then red at 2/3.
    • These two preferences work together in Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging Scoring


Competition / Reporting

  • New Workflow Features in Competition Award Presets.  If you click Routine Counts, then Find Eligible, then Sort by Last Routine Number, you will have a nice working list of your reports to print.  When you print the report,
    • Find now can quickly find Presets that are Eligible, Selected, or Eligible and Omitting Complete / Printed.

    • Sort can sort the presets by the Last Routine Number.   (You must run the “Routine Counts” first.)


  • When you print, the preset will indicate that it was printed.  You can click on the word, to cycle from Printed to Complete to blank.  Use the Find button to Omit the ones that you want.

  • SB – Overall Report – the header will now automatically be renamed to “- Top X” where x is the highest number of the placements.  If this needs to be changed, while in Preview Mode, click command-B to go into Browse mode.  Then click the red button to correct.
  • In Competition Manager -> Show Order Reports, the Virtual Critique Report will list the URLs for virtual judging and upload status.

Event Manager

  • Dymo Labels have been fixed for newer model printers (4XL/Duo 450) in the Registration Viewer for Attendee Labels, Sch Numbers and Summary Labels.
  • Added 4x Dymo Label Styles To Attendee Lookup and Numbering for Duplicate Numbers.
  • Fixed colored scholarship numbers and to work and when doing multiple copies for printers that support it.

Awards and Scholarships

  • When you go into Awards and Scholarships, the system will now automatically limit the found set to to Awards for the current event.
  • Defaults have been added for new Awards – select the Default Event and/or Award and they will be automatically assigned when clicking the New button.

  • The same award for the same person in the same season can be easily identified, and can be prevented when using the assigning of awards using presets.  Preferences->Behavior -> Judging / Scoring -> “Disallow same scholarship for the same person for the same season.  When this is set to Yes, the system will highlight duplicates in red.  In the Assigning of awards using presets, the routine will be highlighted in Yellow.
  • Assigning Awards/Scholarships using Competition Award Presets
    • Every time that you run a preset, the results are now stored and can be retrieved to assign awards to be viewed in the studios online portal and for your own records.
    • The Competition Award Presets can be configured so that you can process the award that are relevant for that preset.
    • During or after the event, you can process awards using the presets to automatically identify the type of award to be given and create an Award record.
      • Configure the award / scholarships to be given
        • Competition Manager -> Award Presets -> Click the Pencil Icon to Edit -> Award Assignments button.
        • You may select either by Placement or by Adjudicated Result:
          • By Placement
            • You may have 3 different “sets” of award settings, based upon how many routines placed on the report.  For example, if there is only one routine, the possible awards may be different then if there are ten routines.
            • For each set:
              • enter the minimum number of routines required to enable that reward set
              • you can enter up to three different awards:
                • enter the place(s) that will receive the award, separated with a comma
                • for each level, select the award that they receive
                • in the example below, if there was 1 routine, 1st place would receive the High Voltage award.  If there were 5 routines but less than 10, 1st would receive the America Foundation, 2nd the Ascension, and 3rd the A Test Rising Start.  If there are 10 Routines, 1st would receive 100 Dollars Off, while 2nd and 3rd the Ascension Routine, and 5th the 100 Dollars Off.

        • By Adjudicated Result
          • Select up to 3 different levels and the award that is assigned.  Every routine on the report will be given the award.

  • Process the Awards / Assign an Award to the Routine
    • When you are ready to assign the awards, select Process Presets from Competition Manager -> Competition Award Presets

    • For the selected event, you will see the list of presets that were run. 
    • Click on a preset to see all of the times that one was run.  You can click on the version of the report that you want to see the results and assign the awards.

    • In this example, Just a Cowboy was the only routine and received 1st place.  Based on the preset, they are eligible for the “High Voltage” award.  Click the Commit Awards to create an award record.

    • The routine / award is now highlighted in green, as well as the Commit Awards button indicating that the awards for this preset / report instance has been completed.  The star in the processed column in the top left portal shows that this preset has been processed.
    • Use the “Next Preset” button to rapidly progress through each Preset.  It will automatically select the next available preset, select the most recent version of the report, and assign the potential award to the routine.  Confirm that it looks good, then click Commit Awards.  Click Next Preset to go to the next.
  • Nominations have been improved to allow assignment of Awards for both Routines and Attendees.  Use the filter to find the award you are are going to process, then click the Assign Awards / Scholarships button.
  • Awards can be included and appear as expense items on the simple P&L.
    • In preferences / Judging & Awards / Awards, Markings and Scholarships, checkmark the Award as an Expense item.  Awards given after you mark them will appear.


Event Manager > Music & Video

You can now update the Mobile App Tracker section from Music & Video.  Note: the computer must have internet access.

    • In the Utilities menu, set Enable Tracker to Yes.  The Tracker menu will appear.

    • The fields are the same as in the Live web based system.
    • Make sure to enter the Timezone.  If desired, enter the Next Award and Break, Message (Alert).
    • When you click “Set to Record” it will populate the Current Routine with that routine, and the Next with the next routine in the performance order.

    • If you want to change the next routine click the Tracker Next button.  It will remain green indicating that is the next routine.

    • When you click Start Recording, the system will update the App with the information from the tracker drop down.  You can also click the Update Tracker Now button to send an update for the Message or Award / Break times.

Media Assistant

You can now update the Mobile App Tracker section from the Media Assistant.  Note: the computer must have internet access.

    • In the Tracker menu, set Enable Tracker to Yes.

    • The fields are the same as in the Live web based system.
    • Make sure to enter the Timezone.  If desired, enter the Next Award and Break, Message (Alert).
    • When you click “Set to Record” it will populate the Current Routine with that routine, and the Next with the next routine in the performance order.

    • If you want to change the next routine click the Tracker Next button.  It will remain green indicating that is the next routine.

    • When you click Start Recording, the system will update the App with the information from the tracker drop down.  You can also click the Update Tracker Now button to send an update for the Message or Award / Break times.


  • Added performance order to the popover in Media Manager 3 to show routine number for easier announcing
  • Setup Media Assistant to use new media environment for faster downloading and better sharing
  • Pro Photo Mode for Media Assistant – this allows you to now shoot your camera tethered to a computer, and shoot every photo into it.  The photographer simply clicks start and stop for routines they are shooting.  This provides you with a complete timeline of the event for reference but also allows for automatic organization of the image folder.  Click one button and watch 10,000+ images land in their own routine folders, or studio and then routine folders in seconds.  This reduces the overall number of clicks Photographers have to do between numbers.

General Interface

  • Open chat in Web Version of TourPro now opens in a new browser tab instead of in the app, allowing you to keep your place when engaging in a support conversation.
  • Applied new look to Tabs to make them stand out more

TourPro Mobile App / Web App

  • Changed the method of importing routines into the Live app to improve reliability.
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Let’s take a look at the new features in version 5!

 New Registration Website

TourPro 5 has the same familiar and easy-to-use look and process, but it’s completely rewritten from the ground up for MUCH faster experience, is mobile friendly, and paves the way for the next 10 years by improving the supportability and ability to add features.  We’ve “modernized” around the edges, organized things just a bit, and have maintained all of the previous flexibility of customizations available to you.

One difference you will appreciate is the new tab interface for registrations.  If the Studio has never registered, they will be brought to the “Start a Registration” tab.  Once they open a registration, they will be brought to the “Open Registrations” tab.  All past events will appear in the “History” tab.  Quick Tips and Instructions can now closed and opened for better screen space.

Importing from Other TourPro Customers!

Your studios can now import their registrations from other Competitions / Conventions! This allows “Studio A” who just loaded 100 kids and 125 routines into TourPro on another site to copy that to your site, and visa versa.  TourPro will copy over the attendees, routines, put the attendees in the routines, assign pricing, and even attempt to “map” the level of the dancers into the equivalent on your system.  While some clean up may still be needed, this is a HUGE time saver and should also cut down on data entry mistakes like date of birth ;)

Please Note:  If you wish to be excluded from this capability please let us know.  You can choose to either participate, or opt-out of this capability.  If you participate, any of the studios from any TourPro customer can import their registration from your system, and all of your customers can import from any of the participating TourPro customers.

On your site, the Studio would select to Import.

They are prompted for the name of the other company, and for their sign-in credentials on the other system.

If it matches, they can select which event they attended that they want to copy to your system.

Then the waiting begins…  For really large registrations it can take 10 minutes, so please be patient.

Once the import is complete, they will be brought to the Attendees area to confirm their registration details.  During checkout, the system will review that all of the details are valid;  for example, if they imported a routine with a style that doesn’t exist in your system it will flag the routine with an error and not allow checkout.

Uploading Video and Photos!

The new Media Manager allows for Photo and Video uploading, of course, fully configurable based upon the type of routine.  You can even specify the number of photos that are allowed.

In the example below, photogenic allows both Video and Photo, Modeling only allows Photos, while Hip Hop does not allow either.

Once uploaded the Play button becomes available.

Within TourPro, simply go to your Routine Styles & Order preferences (Preferences -> Competition) and identify which styles have Video and Photo.  You can even disable Music if you want to.

To turn uploading on / off, go to the Season Editor and make your selections.  For example you may want to turn off Uploading just prior to the event.

Making the Most of Covid-19 in 20-21!

We’ve added a few features to help you do alternative events, to help you schedule when you can go in-person with limited capacity and to help with those Studio Credits.

Virtual Conventions Paywall!

You can now register as you normally would, and then host a virtual event using video streaming.  Using our new paywall, you quickly assign the rooms to the attendees, and they can log in and participate in the class.  Our system monitors to make sure that only one paid attendee can view the video stream, so they won’t be giving out their password.  On other systems, this feature can cost 20% or more of the revenue – but this is now included with your TourPro system for no additional charge.  Call us to arrange a demo.


If you are doing virtual events, you don’t need to get all your judges together in a room – just use WebJudge.  It works with modern browsers to allow them to see the regular judging screen, just like they are at an event.  Combine this feature with MIMO, and they can even critique remotely.  If you didn’t know, MIMO is an industry-leading world-class application that you can use to produce streaming events.  Normally we use it just to record the critiques but it has amazing capabilities just waiting for you.  Call us to arrange a demo.


What is a WebApp?  The TourPro WebApp is a web-only version of the IOS / Android app, except it works on ANY browser, including a phone.  So they don’t need to download the app – just navigate to it.  The app is branded with YOUR logo and colors. And did we mention that our App consistently receives a 4.7 to 4.9 rating on the Apple Store?

The web app can really help you to communicate live event status with your attendees, as well as post results and event status.  We are providing the web app FREE for this coming year – if we can prevent sickness to your customers we are pleased to do what we can do.

If you want to see what yours looks like, go to “https://yourcompany.tourproapps.com”

For example,  https://velocity.tourproapps.com or https://breakoutcomp.tourproapps.com.  Contact us if you aren’t sure of the URL to use and for a demo.

Scheduling by Studio!

Little did we know last year when we added the ability to optimize the Performance Order by Studio that it would be so helpful this year.  Since then we added the ability to generate the scheduling blocks by Studio.

When Creating your Schedule using the Block Scheduling Manager, under Select Block Sorts, select Studio.  You may combine this with other categories to get detailed lists of blocks by routine, or you can simply use the sorting at the Session or Block level.

The Show Planning Aid (Block Scheduling Manager -> Blocks Tab) will also now ask you if you want to get a total by Studio as well.


In both Sessions and Blocks, you can preset how you want the routines sorted.

You can use this to:

  1. Use blocks to separate by studio, then sort by your favorite sort.
  2. Keep Studios Together checkbox – if you do have multiple studios performing in the same session, you can use this to generate an optimized schedule while keeping the Studios performing separately.
  3. Use the Optimize conflicts to minimize the conflicts within the session, even though it is all the same studio.

Credit, Please

There are two new tools in place to help you manage your credits.

  1. In Form letters we have a new tag <<AvailableCredits>> to pull in the amount of unused credits for a studio so you can email them what they have available.
  2. Splittable Credits – previously when a credit was used, it would simply mark the credit as used, but only apply the amount of the balance to the Registration. For example if the credit was $5000 but the amount of the registration was only $4500, the studio would “use up” the entire $5000 credit.  Now, if you mark the credit as “Allow Split (Partial Use)”, in the same scenario, it would reduce the credit from $5000 to $4500, mark the credit as being used, AND make a new credit for the $500 remaining for the studio to use on another registration.  Go to Registration by Studio -> Credits and check Allow Partial for the credits that you want to make this available for.  Call us if you would like to set all of your unused credits to Partial Use.  In the example below you can see the full history of the original $1773 Credit.
  3. As a reminder you can also report on Transactions in BackOffice -> Transactions.


But wait, there’s MORE!

Custom Report Lists

Sometimes less is more, particularly in lengthy lists that you can’t remember which report you run!  Go to preferences -> Behavior -> Reporting / Printing and select Enable Custom Report Lists.  When set to Yes, you can then mark which reports you want for both the Show Order and Final Score Summaries.

More Genders

“Other” is now a valid selection in the system and on-line.  Report presets can include or exclude as needed.


TourPro integrates with SmartWaiver.  Previously waivers were either “good for the event” or “good for the year” – we’ve added a new option for waivers to be good for the season.  When the participant goes to sign a waiver, it will check to make sure they haven’t already signed one for the season.  The system will automatically mark any registration of the participant within the season as having been signed.

Scratch Routines

You can now “scratch” a routine in the Judge Monitor.  Click on Routine Details, and select Scratch Routine.  This will put a line through the routine as well as through all reports they appear on.

More Drag n’ Drop

We’ve added drag n’ drop in the session scheduler to sessions and blocks.

Judge / Tab Chat

More chatting isn’t a good thing, unless it’s with the Tabulator!  Turn on the chat feature in Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging to let your judges communicate with the Tabulator.

More Options to show Judge Scores

If you show the Judges how the other Judges are scoring, you can now show totals, detail, or both.  In Preferences -> Behavior -> Judging and “Show Totals” or “Show Both”

More Emails?

On the Studio page you’ll now add as many emails as you like, and select to automatically include them in the emails that you send.


But wait, there’s STILL MORE!

Media Assistant

The Media Assistant is a “stand alone” tool you can use to download an entire copy of the Routines, and perform all of the recording functions.  If you don’t want to have to sync, or if you need to add a backstage iPad and are out of system you can attach, this is a great option.  Call us for a Demo!

New Sync Server

We are moving up to the latest version of MirrorSync which should work better over poor internet connections.  You’ll get the new version when we do your upgrade.

All New Servers!

We’ve also replace all of our web and FileMaker servers with the latest tech.  This makes syncing and the web go as fast as possible, as well as help prevent unnecessary outages.


As always, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask more about these features, or if you have ideas for new ones, let us know!



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